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Great news! The ingenious new Copytimer system, that times your scripts with incredible accuracy, is now accessible as an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No more reading scripts out loud. No more guessing. No more too long or too short. No more awkward last-minute changes or costly overruns.

Fast, easy, fully automated script timing—at last.

You can create new or edit your existing scripts right from the Copytimer™ app. Or copy and paste it in. Then time it instantly, choosing a slow, medium or fast speaking tempo. Copytimer™ is not merely a word counter. It factors in every syllable.

Theres more, much more:
•Accurately times scripts written in English or Spanish.
•Spot Timer times all the text you enter in a flash.
•Write, edit and time scripts from anywhere.
•Time your scripts as you write them, saving untold work.
•Work with scripts faster and more efficiently than ever before.